With more and more organizations encouraging people to work ‘flexibly’ here are the new employee segmentations that have emerged as a challenge for HR. Demystifying the options for you:-

‘Work From Work’

With martyr-like forbearance, the employee decides to work out of office. Moans and complains about the traffic and long hours. Often, the long hours can be attributed to….sigh….’how-terrible-the-work-load-is’ sessions with a co-worker. Not realizing that the same ‘terrible-work-load’ would not have been there had it not been for too many of these sessions!

‘Work From Home’

The employee is given benefits like a broadband connection and some allowance and is told (s)he no longer has a desk  in office. When the employee comes in for weekly meetings, s(he) hopes and prays that some colleague or the other is sick, ailing or dead, so that (s)he can get a seat for that day.

‘Home From  Work’

This smart guy comes in to work, day after day, only to get on to emails and calls to resolve issues like child’s school fee, talking to the travel agent to plan a holiday, getting a gas connection for the house or interviewing a prospective gardener. All in a Day’s Work!

‘Home from Home’

Nothing more relaxing that a hot cup of coffee and a foot massage as you watch ‘Seinfeld’ on TV! And, what better, if it is paid for by your employer! Clues to watch for, in addition to the old and trusted ‘identify-the-noises-in-the-background’ are the level of relaxation in the voice (unusual, otherwise, on a weekday), an eerie calmness in the face of shocking information (‘You might get fired in the face of manpower cuts’ elicits ’Ummmm, this is refreshing’), and an overall demeanor of Garfield in slumber.