I would like to share some of the daily elevator woes suffered by ..er.., all of us:-

·         The one with the body odor  is the last to get off.

·         Just as you crack a joke about your boss, the doors open to unveil the face of your boss.

·         Just when you are in a tearing hurry, some guy presses multiple floor buttons by mistake.

·         The guy whose name you just cannot remember enters and greets you by name. And you travel the next 10 floors  together – just the two of you!

·         A bunch of dudes continue to debate and decide whether they want to take the elevator, holding it open, as you wait inside.

Here are some suggestions to make elevator rides more comfortable:-

Install a BO-Meter  – Its rings when the BO guy enters, and an automated arm, that sprays deo, ejects. If the person gets a score in the category ‘Skunk/Rotting Fish’, the arm lathers and bathes the guy on his way to his destination.

The Boss-Check – A smart sensor reads your employee id and scans elevator lobbies on all floors, sending you a text message in your boss is lurking around.

Fix a Dumb-Deeee-Dumb – This fascinating gadget is a ‘locator-cum-evacuator’ of the dumb guy who has pressed too many floor buttons and expels him from the elevator (‘D…eeeee’ in the name of the gadget denotes the sound heard by the other occupants and the dumb guy plunges in a free fall.

Provide A  Conversation Idea Generator This handy tool keeps flashing innovative conversation ideas just below the floor button display. This can be a life-saver. Read this example –

New Entrant – Hi, Rachna

Me – Did you know that the 3 biggest brand names in the world are Marlboro, Coca Cola and Budweiser?!

New Entrant (confused) – Ya, really?! So, what’s up? How are Nikki and Prithvi?

Me – (panicking now, since he knows the kid’s names as well) And, did you know that the statue of liberty is one of the two man-made structures visible from space?

See, it just takes a bit of creativity and strive for excellence to make our lives at work better. So, join me and post your ideas on how we can make our daily elevator travels more meaningful, enjoyable and comfortable.