pic-4.jpgNikki loves to draw and colour. Since she is only 6 years old, and yet to unravel the benchmarks of artistry, I have led her to believe that she has inherited it from her mother.

Some months back, she had to design a book cover of any story of her choice and take to school. I made her a ‘Cinderella’ picture. Much as I struggled to make it look dreamy and fairy-tale-like, my Cinderalla looked like her evil step-mother, with a strange wicked-cum-stupid expression and my prince looked like his mother had missed giving him his vaccinations on time. It was a disaster, but Nikki was impressed since I made up for that by pasting flowers on Cinderella’s dress and colouring the Prince’s boots in gold.pic-1.jpg

So, comparing me, or anyone I know, at 6 years of age to Nikki now, I think her art is quite


One day, I took her to be the ball-girl for our badminton session. She would not concentrate on the job given to her. Instead, she was plucking feathers from discarded shuttle-cocks and arranging them into a designs and patterns.

I think she has a passion and talent for art. Not sure how we should nurture it though….

Nikki’s drawing - 2