1.     You rehearse your ‘I Quit’ speech every sleepless night, coping, frenetically with ‘opening lines’ and rejecting them one by one:

‘It’s time for me to move on to widen my experience…’  Nawww…too innocent. Where does the part about ‘I turn green in the face when I see your face every morning…’ come in?
‘I want the experience new challenges..’  What about ‘I want to escape from the current challenges’, particularly the ones associated with the boss’ brains?
‘I want to learn in a new business/industry…’ Hmmm…. but what about mentioning that the last assigned task around creating a new excel worksheet was not exactly the learning you had in mind….hence….
‘I need to learn how to operate in a different team…’ Is the part around ‘I am sick to the gut with the dim, half-witted, conniving and non-performing existing team and want to get away before I commit homicide…’ coming out clearly?

 2.     You suffer from fatigue and ennui. In fact, your pulse rate in office has dropped to below 60 and the pulse vanishes completely when the boss hands you the ‘NEXT EXCITING TASK’.

3.     You look forward the cafeteria lunch, since it gives you an escape from work. Despite the fact that this kind of lunch is rejected even by the flies and rodents who lie strewn, dying of starvation, just outside the cafeteria.

4.     You have attended 10 farewell parties of folks who joined around the time you did and heard ‘Terrific Endurance, buddy’, or ‘Good going, pal – keep up the fighting spirit!’

5.     You cringe in your seat in the last row when the Vice President refers to you, fondly, as the ‘Great OId-Timer’ – the term sketches a mental picture of a broken microwave with its busted timer hanging from its socket.

Friends, please add to this checklist….