Gentle NikkiMy model- posing hereNikki was born in Jan 2002. By 2005, we had forgotten most of the stuff related to raising a baby. Yuv was born in May 2006, but, c’mon, it couldn’t be much different, could it?

Getting Weanedtesting-the-wig.jpg

Soon, it was Jan 2007 and we realized it was not the same.  




Baby Walker Experience

Swirled around, like a little fairy.

Tore around in a mad dash, getting caught with and dragging/disfiguring linen, small furniture, visiting grandparents…

First Birthday

Posed for photos with the Barbie Doll cake. Smiled and tilted her little doll-face when the camera was ready.

Tried to wriggle out of the photo session by punching and elbowing parents, who struggled to restrain him and smile at the camera at the same time. Drove a full-throttled fist in the Lion-face-design cake: we had to change the party theme from ‘The Lion-King of the Jungle’ to ‘The Lion-What Human Insensitivity Can Do to the Magnificent Animal.’

First tricycle

Decorated it with flags, toys and rode around singing sweet nursery rhymes.

Turned it upside down, took out peddle, rubber padding, seat and other such embellishments. Hammered it with the toy gun.

First Story Book

Looked at the pictures, asked mamma to tell the story, laughed and enjoyed it.

Chewed it.

Playtime with Pappa

Story-telling, hide and seek, sing songs.

Dig out eyeball, puncture intestines, tear out hair

Playtime with Mamma

Cuddly, huggy, snugly and kissy

Delegated to Pappa

Favourite People

Aunties who got chocolates.

Plumber, Electrician, Mason who come for Interesting-Repair-Work in the house.