Sometime in the course of evolution, man decided that certain parts of the woman’s anatomy were exciting. And, as things unfolded, those parts had to be hidden, secured and guarded. This led to diktats around covering, concealing and, more recently, emerged a movement called moral policing.

It is unfortunate that women, however, missed the opportunity of taking a similar decision during evolution.

Just for fun, let’s imagine what would have happened if women took a similar stand on some part of the man’s anatomy.

Knuckles, for heck of it.

1. Gloves would be mandatory part of men’s dressing. Traditional and old-fashioned men would wear only khadi gloves and frown on the reckless young generation that ventured into flashy and bright synthetic ones, with those titilating cuts beyond the finger nails. Tchh Tchh, too deep and provocative.

2. Footage of gloves falling (I mean, wardrobe malfunction) off on the fashion ramp would be played and re-played on hour-long TV programs on prime time. Women would watch, replay after replay, in drooling anticipation that the ‘pixelated blur’ would take a second longer to appear as the gloves fell off. And, be disappointed every time.

3. Men wearing shorter gloves would be chased by millitant women, and get the hiding of their lives.

4. ‘Rap on the Knuckles’ would have had a completely new meaning, and be reported in Prevention of Harrassment Committee Meetings. where Supreme court precendents would be reffered to.

5. Women, would, now and then, dart furtive glances at men’s (covered) knuckles during office meetings. Men, awkward and uncomfortable by this, would try to hide their hands by sitting on them. Causing alarming increase in the rates of arthiritis at the ages of 25 years, thereabouts.

6. Bone graft material would overtake silicon as the MOST SOUGHT AFTER MEDICAL MATERIAL as knuckle-enhancement surgeries climbed to break all time records.

Ladies, think about it! We could have had our own moral police corps. And rapped the hell out of their knuckles!