Pretty Babies in Goa

I am going to give you a crash course in MBTI in this post. According to MBTI, if your 4-letter type ends with ‘J’, you are an organized, planned person who likes to work with neat schedules. If it ends with the letter P, you are a spontaneous, flexible person who likes to keeps options open for as long as possible.

We recently travelled to Goa.

The travel was managed by Alok (type ending with P), me (same) and our driver, Arun (I assume, the same). In a scenario that makes a beautiful setting for a social experiment, my colleague (profile ending with J, possibly two Js!), was travelling in the same train.

Let’s call the colleague, Vishal (does not matter what we call him – he lives in a stress-induced demented haze now). Here is the conversation we have just before he leaves office:-

Vishal – ‘How are you travelling?’

Me – ‘By train – some Rani Bennur Express’

Vishal – ‘Oh, are you sure? Do you mean Rani Chanamma? I am going by the same train to Belgaum!’

Me – ‘Ya, same one. It does not go upto Goa. We get off at some other place. It leaves at 9:30 from here.’

Vishal – ‘Hey, it leaves at 9:15. And from the last platform, so please come from the other entrance. And, you will need to get off at Londa at 7:50 am the next morning.’

After that, I assume Vishal goes home, picks up his suitcase which he had packed over the weekend, locks the house and gets into the cab he has booked 3 days back to reach the station.

I reach home at 5:30 pm. Ps don’t pack till just before travel. As shared earlier, they keep options open till as long as they can since they believe in possibilities. What could be the possibilities here?

1. The suitcases will walk out of the cupboard, open themselves, and call out for the clothes that need to march into them.

2. Fairy Godmother will pay a visit.

It is around 6 pm and about time to consider the possibility that those options are not there. So, we start packing, relying on out-dated checklists we have made. So, definitely baby food has to be struck out since the baby is big now and eats regular food.

But, a good P retains that on the checklist because P is about possibilities. Now since having another baby is not a possibility, here is another – We have grown old, lost our teeth and need to baby food? See, see…one cannot rule that out??

It’s time to leave for the station. Or, to put it more accurately, it’s time to consider what other mode of transport we have since there is no way we can get on that train now. We drive like people Possessed. Now, that’s another word with P!

We board the train with 1 minute to spare. Vishal, who has been on the phone all this while, is seen waiting for us, panic-stricken, ready to collapse. We console him and clamber onto the train.

When we reach we realize that there has been a small glitch: Nikki has only t-shirts while Prithvi has more of shorts. We plan out a creative wardrobe in which N wears P’s shorts over her t-shirts and P wears his night-suit shirts over his shorts. See, it’s not too difficult. Ps learn to PLAN after the chaos.

Ps, now, deserve another word with P – get Punished. So, we get it. It’s P for Potty. At odd times.
Whether it is while we are in our best clothes on the way to the wedding, or when we are on the beach, or when it’s raining cats and dogs and we cannot get off the cab.

The agenda, suddenly changes with this brief and urgent announcement by P or N or both. By the end of 3 days, we are exhausted!

We board the train to return. Every bone is aching. Vishal, I assume has recovered by now and mingling with sane Js in Belgaum, planning his return journey which is 2 weeks away.

And we are in the demented haze now. P is wailing non-stop. It feels like we are in a rave party – stoned – not able to hear or respond coherently. Still we chit chat, like a happy family does : –

Me – ‘Why don’t you get off on the station and give P a walk?

Alok – ‘Yes, he is travelling by Jet Airways’.

Nikki – ‘So, what does ICICI stand for?’

The co-passengers are in a demented haze now.