Considering times have changed, we need a new version. You will enjoy only if you have read the original.
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In this parable, Jesus is responding to the Pharisees’ complaint: “This man welcomes sinners and eats with them.”

Jesus tells the story of a manager who hires two workers. Worker 1 asks him to sanction a handsome amount out of the LOB’s budget to get him started on a pet project. Once received, he promptly sets off on a long journey to a distant onsite land and begins to ideate on several issues by organizing several meetings.

Nothing much gets accomplished. The manager keeps his spirits high by recognizing small wins like dinner with a client or the act of opening an email and reading it.

When the money runs out, a severe recession hits the country and the worker finds himself in dire circumstances. He takes a job at the cafeteria of his client’s office. He is so destitute that he even longs to eat the food meant for swine. (hey, this sentence is from the original parable!!).

The young man finally comes to his senses, remembering his manager. In humility, he recognizes his foolishness, decides to return to his manager and ask for forgiveness and mercy.

The manager who had been watching and waiting, with patient adoration, receives his worker back with open arms of compassion. He is overjoyed by the return of his wayward worker!

Immediately the manager turns to his administrative staff and asks them to prepare a giant feast in celebration.

Meanwhile, Worker 2 has been slogging and delivering consistently on his projects even when allocated shoestring budgets. He is unhappy when he comes in from the client’s site and discovers a party going on on the floor to celebrate his Worker 2’s return.

He expresses his anguish by not joining the party. The manager is beset with rage at this behavior.
The manager chides him,

“Why do you lament at what I do for him? You are my special person I can always rely on. The future belongs to you”, as he sanctions some more budgets for the prodigal worker who is back.