You are a mom of young kids born post 2000 if:-

1. You have pictures of your kids sitting next to a yellow and red ogre with a big M in the background.

2. You personally know Doraemon, Keiteretsu, Bhoota Gorilla, Perman and Agdam Bagdam Tigdam.

3. You have figured out that Bakugan is not a gun and costs more than both your kidneys put together.

4. Bubbaloo and Sour Punk are not names of local teenage mafia but very expensive and inedible candy which kids eat because.

5. ‘Because’ is enough to explain things. It need not be suffixed by a reason like it was in days when you were a kid.

Illustration :


‘Ram, Why did you not water the plants today?’

‘Sorry, mummy, I missed because I was helping Shyam with his homework.’

Now :

‘Hontalu (yes, names have changed since parents look for exotic names, which have some kind of meaning in at least, 4 internationally spoken languages. Often, they combine parts of names from two different continents in some kind of philosophical fusion), Why did you not comb your hair today?’

‘Awwww mom, because….’

If this makes you realize what life has come to, just take a chill pill mom! And add some of your own ‘Post2kisms’ here!