When deciding to take time off from a full-time job, I decided that among other exciting things, I will focus on completing Book No 2.

This meant that I needed to take out time to think, reflect, research and write. But, when I audit what I have actually been doing with my time, I realize that I spend most of my waking hours eating or planning what to eat.

Now, Bangalore has a wide range of eating places which I’d never explored for lack of time. I have all the time now. So, I have gone overboard and have opened a literal can of beans (worms would sound inappropriate in this context)…

Often, I am eating at a new cafe/restaurant, as I am reading or working on the book. This can cause several unintended changes to the book itself.

I fear the Chapter 6 will read like this:

“She wiped a bead of sweat off her brow, her silver bangles tinkling as she did. The cafe was so pretty, dotted with plants, emerald creepers nudging each other to get ahead to the race to the top of the wooden pillar.

The chicken was succulent. Stuffed with asparagus and melting morsels of cheese, it rested on a bed of penne drenched in juicy, luscious tomato sauce with shredded basil. She dug her spoon into the chicken and soaked the piece in that delectable dip.

‘Have I died and reached heaven?’, she sighed as she tasted it.

The sangria was perfect for that sunny afternoon. She asked for one more glass, feeling just that wee-bit guilty.

Suddenly, there was some noise in a corner. She almost jumped out of her seat. It seemed as though the quiet of that lazy noon was ruined by this steamy rumbling sound.

Then she saw him. He looked little anxious. He moved swiftly, trying to dodge the kids playing near the aquarium.

Then she saw it.

It was the most perfect sizzler she had ever seen. The fish was grilled to perfection: with slender copper streaks running criss-cross. The faintest dribble of mustard sauce trickled by its side. There were small potatoes and sun-dried tomatoes lining the rim of the griddle.

He continued to walk briskly till he reached the table where he presented this meal with aplomb.

It was getting late now. She was wondering where she had gone wrong. She had followed the rules. She glanced at her watch and shook her head in disbelief. Could she have miscalculated?

Finally, she could not take it anymore.

She gestured to the waiter.

‘Yes, ma’am?’

‘I ordered the chocolate lava muffin with walnuts an hour back since the menu said you needed 45 minutes to prepare it. Where is it?’

‘I will check ma’am…’

‘Please make it fast. I am getting late. I have to go for a charity tea party after this…’

She watched him scurry to the kitchen. As she surveyed the cafe, she saw the pork ribs on the adjacent table. She smiled wryly to herself.

‘I wish he knew that that dish is atrocious…’

So dear blog readers, that is all I am able to write. Is there a way to get out of this burp, I mean, block? Or, should I just continue to write like this? Will you buy my book?