So, Arvind Kejriwal is now holding Janta Darbars. Remember, it is the same Arvind Kejriwal, who, just a few days after the elections, had said, that ‘Darbar’ is not a nice-sounding word and that they will find another word for this open-house that AAP was planning.

What happened to that promise? Can we trust Kejriwal after this? Was he unable to find another word or is he just indecisive? In fact, while I would not like to make this serious allegation, I am compelled to:

Does he really own a thesaurus or is he just fooling the aam aadmi?

What AAP fails to realize is that ‘Darbar’ can also be perceived as a combination of two words : ‘Dar’, which means ‘fear’ and ‘Bar’ which means ‘a place where people sit and consume alcohol’. What is the message that AAP is sending to the people at large? Is it propagating and politics of fear and alcoholism? Are they visionary enough to see the consequences of this?

I ask you : What is the vision of AAP? Now, I don’t know what vision means. Maybe, it means high-sounding rhetoric that paints a rosy picture of a hypothetical future. I really don’t know. But, it sounds nice to use the word, ‘vision’. It makes me sound erudite. So, I ask you, what is the vision of AAP?

It is disappointing that the very man we placed our hopes in is so indecisive: he goes back and forth what kind house he wants. He wants five-bedrooms, then downgrades it to four bedrooms. Can we trust a man who does not even know how many bedrooms he needs?  I would also like a probe into whether those bedrooms have attached bathrooms. I suspect they do!

What kind of aam aadmi is he if wants attached bathrooms? Can’t walk out into the common areas of the house and use the bathrooms there? Is he not mocking the millions who have to go to open fields to relieve themselves?

I want all of us to join hands in condemning Kejriwal, the man who is only interested in solving people’s problems. What kind of political agenda is there? Can solving people’s problems be a serious party manifesto? Can it really take India to 2020?