The sale season is on! I had a rocking day at Lifestyle yesterday. We prefer reaching the mall early, just when the shutters open. We rush in, sprinting towards the shelves with the placard, 50% off and rummage through the heap there. After ten minutes of frantic grabbing, the mall guys turn the lights on. And behold, there is light. We now see that the placard says 30% not 50%. We ditch that section and run towards the make-up section. The salesgirl is just in, and she is applying makeup. She looks at us disdainfully and continues to dab purple eye-shadow on her eyelids.

We are by now, desperate! We look around, eager for low hanging fruit. We see a woman looking at a pair of shoes in the footwear section. You activate your superhero vision and squint to read the tag. From that distance, it looks like 40%. You make a dash for it, hoping that woman tosses that shoe away, places it aside temporarily so that you can swipe it, or has a cardiac arrest.

We love the sales season!

But, what about the men? I loved this video in which John Gray talks about men in mall!