Please talk about my books if you like what I write. You see, it takes a lot blood, sweat and tears to write a book. Ok, that should be read as ‘doughnuts, chocolates and caffeine’ but I think I can allow myself some poetic licence. The point is that you can do your writer friends some good by sharing about writing that you like.

So, here are some FAQs for my friends answering some of the questions I hear frequently:

  1. Give me a free copy.
  2. Here it is. In return, I will take 1 metre of your small intestine.

Q. Why do you write?

A. Because it cures piles.

Q. But, who can I talk to, about your book?

A. Anyone! If you are in the hospital, tell the nurse. If you are caught in a road scrap, fling it at the person yelling the loudest, if you are in a flight, give it to the pilot (before that, strap on your parachute).

Q. Can I give a copy of the book to my boss?

A. Yes. Prepare your job-search resume before that.

Q. So, what should I say about the book?

A. There are online tutorials available for that. For an extra fee, I can get a hypnotist to get inside your head and plant the details there. Come on!! Just share what you liked about it!

Q. Can I tell them that I am your friend?

A. Absolutely not. The CIA may get you for that.

Q. Why don’t you write about politics?

A. Why don’t you trim your nostril-hairs?

Q. Why don’t you become a stand-up comedienne?

A. My legs hurt.

Q. Ok, can I get your next book free?

A. I will bite your ear off.

Femina - Rachna Mam