In ‘Shaadi Ke Saath Effects’, people in the hall were erupting with laughter all the time. You know that kind of laughter – in which the person laughs loudly, his body jiggling like radioactive jelly, and he pushes the person next to him away from him by placing one hand on the neighbour’s shoulder and exerting huge force.

Where did people learn to laugh like that? Who told them that the best expression of mirth is pushing the person next to you with all your strength?

Anyways, people kept laughing and pushing the next person till the one closest to the exit pushed out the usher himself, who took down the popcorn man.

Coming to SKSE, to be fair, there were some nice jokes in the movie like,

  • Farhan empathizing with the pregnancy by stuffing a balloon under his tee
  • Farhan being harangued by Vidya for having gone to the party
  • Vir Das in a lovable cameo
  • The mother-in-law angle
  • The kids’ birthday parties

to mention a few. But, maybe, it’s just me, or that uncontrollable laughter was just too much to take – much like the ‘you are looking simply beautiful’  comments on an ugly friend’s facebook photo.Image

The concept of the movie was  relate-able, the situations were close to people’s bedrooms and kitchens : the acting was passasble. What felt evident was that some secret sauce was missing. One could not relate to Farhan like we did in Rock on or to Vidya like we did in Paa. They looked like paid actors for a documentary. Talking of which, I must say that Vidya looks more convincing in the Shauchalay ads. And, the story missed covering the part of shaadi just after marriage, and pre-babies. It was more like ‘Bachche Ke Side Effects’.

Ila Arun was a show-stealer. Her hiring interview was endearing and the shades of grey in her character were brought out beautifully. She executed it well too, like a clever old fox.

Ram Kapoor, like always, looked as comfortable on the screen as he’d been on the Pizza hut sofa. He was stellar. The only problem was, sometimes one got confused if it was Ram Kapoor on the screen or whether it was Vidya Balan.