amazing-spider-man-2-posterWe watched The Amazing Spiderman II with the kids yesterday. It was about as amazing as the spider that crawled under a carton in my garage the other day.
Firstly, they handed us 3D glasses to view it. There were no 3D effects worth the glasses – unless you wanted to soak in the dimensions of the hero’s pimples in 3D view.
Emma Stone contributed to helping us leveraging the 3D cost: her teeth arrived on the screen before she did. And when she opened her mouth to speak, her mouth engulfed us like that ALL-OUT mosquito catcher we see in those advertisements : the one that munches mosquitoes.
Andrew Garfield looked like a long, unsure toothpaste tube, that ended in a head-ful of plaque. He looked all gangly and pimply but he was ok. I mean he acted well and all, but could he, for, God’s sake, make up his mind about ALL-OUT and move on?
And then, there was Bijli-Man or Current Kumar who appeared on screen with the mission to electrify us but ended up sending us reaching for our sun-shades in addition to our 3D glasses.
To sum it up, Sally Fields wove a web of fine emotion with delicate threads of controlled acting. She was the real spiderman.