In most parts of Uttar Pradesh, the good old word ‘bathroom’ is also used as a synonym for what one does in a bathroom

‘Oh no! He has done bathroom in his pants!’

Some genteel folk found that ridiculous and they berated the less refined to get the word right.

‘Say toilet, not bathroom.’

Since we are an obedient lot, and respect elders, we immediately incorporated the change. The usage now became –

‘Mujhe urgent toilet lagi hai.’


‘Go do toilet and come.’

Then, some of us migrated to bigger cities and learnt a more sophisticated word – ‘restroom’.

I remember, once when in Harajuku, I said,

‘Is there a restroom in this restaurant?’

My friend, Ajay wondered why I needed to rest –

‘Kyon, abhi se thak gaye kya?’, he asked with genuine concern.

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