Viji Venkatesan’s review of my book and me too! Loved it!

This is Viji :

Rachna Singh:

When I first ran into her, she struck me as this confident, serious, impeccably dressed (barring that hair of course) and a no-non-sense person- perfectly fitting the “senior executive in a top firm” bill. She barely spoke those days (at least to me). Sometimes I wanted to give her a little nudge/squeeze to see if she would show any reaction. But her business card that she had handed me in our first meeting strongly dissuaded me against it. For the next 4 years, I had this impression I carried of her- ice maiden! Not like I was wrong. But one day, I chanced upon a blog site and in a few moments, I squealed in disbelief. I checked the author’s name a few times. There are a million Rachna Singh’s in Bangalore….Could it be my next door neighbor? From the next day, I saw her in a new light. I realized that her classy disposition had belied her sassy sense of humor. And that’s when I became a fan, of her writing.

If there is one thing missing in her most recent book -digs, dogs and drama….I think its dogs. Or did I miss a chapter? But that’s the coolest thing about the book…pick any chapter, any time of the day, no pre-requisites and be assured, you will have worked your abs out. What impresses me the most is that she sees humor in pretty much everything….. in the little things you and I see every day but quickly tend to move on from. Like the Indian women entourage in Japan or the real estate ad banners. Sometimes, it’s the wryness that’s appealing and sometimes, it’s just the funny descriptions – like her shopping escapade with her friends. If you are looking for a soap opera, you are in for a pleasant surprise! There are 47 hilarious snippets of her life after dating, diapers and denial. There were a few key learnings/discoveries for me that I would like to share.

1. Don’t judge a book by its cover….err I meant, a person by his/her appearance.

2. Don’t look for a moral /story in every book.

3. Don’t wait to buy Digs, dogs and drama….because Rachna is counting on the royalty cheque for survival. Of course not, who am I kidding, she doesn’t need the money but I think all of us need a hearty laugh.

4. If you wonder, what Rachna’s secret obsession with the alphabet D is (based on her book titles) …..that’s a secret she will reveal in her next book- so buy that one too!

5. I loved Digs, Dogs and Drama – it took my mind off life’s smaller troubles every time I picked it up to read. A definite keeper. I am sure you will love it too.

6. Finally, Rachna definitely did not threaten me or emotionally blackmail me into writing this. However, one can’t rule out that she may have used those tactics to mitigate my procrastination.

Great job Rachna…….proud to have been your neighbor and benefited in multiple ways including some outstanding pictures …..incidentally, you had made selfies irrelevant in my life!