A long weekend was coming up and a novel idea struck us! Let’s us drive out of Bangalore for a mini vacation. We decided to go to Coorg which is known as the Scotland of India and is said that its scenic beauty lured the British to this place nearly 100 years ago.  

Set amidst verdant valleys, imposing mountains and teak wood forests, this is the perfect place to unwind, and we go over as often as we possibly can.

We hit the road, which on normal days looks like this.

empty road

Shortly we realize that the novel idea had struck half of Malleshwaram and parts of Cox town, Kalyan Nagar, Sanjay Nagar, Chikkallasandra and most of Hongasandra. So, today, the highway looked like this.

crowded road

People go to Coorg for many reasons. One reason is that Coorg men are extremely good-looking and natural charmers. Here is one in the traditional Kodava dress –


Notice the regal bearing, the aquiline nose, the size of the teeth. They carry a dagger tucked in their brocade belt which is used to protect themselves from the onslaught of love-stricken women that are drawn to them like bees to honey.

We stayed at Silver Brook Estate – a homestay near Madikeri. It was a beautiful bungalow nestled in impeccably manicured lawns perimetered by lush plantations.


One could sit for long hours and read books.


Or take a walk down the spice-infused paths.


Or pretend that this jeep belonged to them.


Or make moustaches out of fried chicken. It not only makes you look like a regal Coorg, but can also come in handy when you are a little peckish.


Or pose against those bewitching blue mountains. Stacked against the horizon like blue inland letters. Maybe with messages from us for the One up above.


Or take photographs. Here is a lone jackfruit hanging from a tree – so moving, so poignant. What would be its fate? 


We ate local food. Like these rice balls. They are made of rice. And shaped like balls.

rice balls

And, when the hosts were away, we posed in their drawing room with things that belonged to them.


I had ‘Chuku’ – hot coffee + ginger + brandy. It is good for colds. That stirrer can be subtracted from the recipe. Because, I learnt (the hard way) that if consumed like this, it would undoubtedly cure your cold, but leave you with a swollen eye.


One helpful trip while travelling is that even if you are staying at a humble homestay that looks like this


It is always wise to go to a fancier place and just get photos clicked there to give the out an illusion that you actually stayed there. Like this one


A homestay is a homely place where you become part of the family. The chef came looking for me right up to my room with a plate of jalebis. I was brushing my teeth –

‘Madam, jalebi nahin li?’

It was tough  to decline through frothy plumes of Colgate so I graciously accepted one.

An intriguing event in Coorg is the Kodava Family Sports Tournament which has entered in the Guinness Book of World Records as the largest family tournament.  More than 300 Kodava families which have their own teams participate.  Even women, who can take part in the competition either with her husband or father, fight for winning the coveted Family Cup. Now, I don’t know which competition this was – it looked like PADDY FIELD VOLLEYBALL. Move over Quidditch, here is our own unique game


It was beautiful – paddy fields snipping through expanses of plantations co-existed. We drove back after a weekend of idyllic peace.