Sometime back, a friend added me to a group of ‘mothers’.  I thought it was a good idea –learn from good mothers on how to bring up kids, share stories of love and caring and pick recipes. But, as it happened, most of the queries drove me nuts and made me want to write responses that could earn me a 1000 facebook ‘blocks’.

So I am posting some of those unacceptable answers and the queries here —


How early do you train kids on high chair?? None of my friend’s kids sit on it and eat! Mommies keep running around with plate..   how do you train them really?

There are nice stun guns available in Chikpet. They will stun the child for 30-40 minutes. Try to aim on arm, though it really does not matter where the pellet hits – they are always effective. Save the extra pellets for mother in law.

Hai mom of banglore…im meena im breastfeeding woman to my 5 month problems is i gained 12 kg wight during im 85kg… I want to reduce my wieght i will not get time to exceise so please give some suggestion & shall i take any treatment for that? & also im loosing lots of hairfall…so what can i do for that…i know its postpartm hairfall…but still i need remidi for that…HELP !

I think now my hairfall is loosing  after reading this.

If Your age was to be determined by the 2 last digits of your phone number, how old wil you be?

Adroid or IOS?

Urgent: how to roast brinjals in conviction oven, to make the “Baingan Bharta”. 

Are you sure you have the conviction to go ahead with this?

Hiii mums in my daughter’s leg it has happen this red mark wt is this and wt should I apply

Use a blue crayon to change the colour of that part of the leg.

Hi mums … i am new here. ..i Need a trustable nanny who can take care of my 2 year old son.

I know one but she is trustnotable.

Is it true that women tend to grow a bit taller post delivery?

Watch it – you must be standing on the baby.

Moms plz tell me hw to get rid of this Mosquitos …

Which one?

Hello Mommies need a quich suggestion on warts removal and a good parlour to remove with professional touch..any experiences ?

Hogwart’s Academy.

In Bangalore which all brand Khova is available readily,basically in and around banaswadi.I need this to make some ladoo.

Will you give me some laddoo if I tell?

Hi moms . Do you have some secret account . Means even husband is not aware of that if yes how do you maintain that

Oh yes. Totally secret means even I have not told even myself about it.

My 6 yr old son went to gaugle his mouth after lunch n he didnt reaise ganda paani wad cming n he gaugled intat water by mistake n some water went inside his throat accidently n now he complains of irritation.anyyone knows wat to do abt or should i go t the doc.pls help

Please check your spellings –it should be GOGGLE.