What I Want to See at the Bangalore Literature Festival 2014


So it’s here again – the Bangalore Literature Festival, from 26th to 28th September. I shall be there – I am writer, I live in Bangalore, and I have a khadi saree and big bindi, — I am eligible.

Then, I got thinking – what kind of sessions would I like to witness. the bigwigs waxing eloquent about their writing? The bestselling ones talking about their success stories? The morose ones telling us how much their book made people cry?

And, that is when I made my own wishlist of sessions.

Here is my list, straight from the heart:-

Two Mates : The Story of My Cleavage – Book launch by Deepika Padukone, followed by tea with juicy, creamy cupcakes.

Panel Discussion on Blink: The Power of Thinking Without Thinking by Malcolm Gladwell and its relevance in Indian politics – By Bilawal Bhutto and Rahul Gandhi

An Analysis of the book, Sophie’s World in the context of Sophie Choudhury’s life. Video previews of her new work straight from Wadala.

The Importance of Quantitative Techniques : A Doordarshan panel discussion. Introductory speech by Eleven Jinping.

Animal Farm Revisited : A lively debate on parliamentary functioning led by Raja Bhaiyya. Firing in the air post the session to celebrate.

From Little Women to Dented-Painted Women – Down the path with women by Abhijeet Mukherjee. Vote of Thanks by Baba.

Boys Make Mistakes – An Enchanting Soliloquy by Papa Yadav. The floor will be opened for stone pelting and shoe hurling post the talk.

Teen Talk – A group discussion amongst teenagers from various schools of Bangalore with a lovely long title – ‘Whateverrrr….like…I mean…arrrgh…can you just like leave us alone’. Free cardio resuscitation available for parents. Just contact our coordinator at the desk. Unless she has a teen kid of her own and is in the midst of a stroke herself.

So, friends, I will see you there. I will be the one trying to sneak in for free food, or fighting with the parking attendant or in the midst of such other literary pursuits.


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Funny, sensitive, and ingenious, Rachna’s writing and unadorned, but replete with metaphors and images that grasp the reader’s attention. She writes in the areas of humour, love, and organizational development. Her readers and media reviews hail her as the ‘Emerging Queen of Humour on the Indian Bookshelf’

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