Advocate ML Sharma gave us a very kind piece of advice – keep the mithai in the refrigerator inside the house. If you leave it outside your door, the dogs will eat it. And then, you cannot blame the dogs. It makes complete sense. Who can argue with this? In fact, I feel like a fool after this revelation – all this while, we were letting the mithai leave the house and blaming the dogs. In fact, I am a very furious mithai at the moment.

There is just one small complication, Adv Sharma – since there are just two entities in your world of analogy – mithai and dog – how on earth will one find a dog trained enough to pick the mithai, open the fridge and place it there?!

There are other issues as well –

Sometimes mithai has to go out to earn because the dog is drunk and knocked out at home.

Or mithai has to teach in a school for dogs.

Then, there are businesses some mithais has to run to give employment to a thousand dogs.

I have even heard of that annoying mithai who wandered away to win an Olympic boxing medal.

Ummm, it’s a little complicated , but I am sure Advocate ML Sharma will work it out for us. Whatever others say, I am with you Advocate Sharma. I like you – your name has a nice Chihuahua ring to it!