It was heart-rending, in an amusing sort of way to see groups of angry people breaking TV sets after India lost the match. Angry people stomping and crushing shards of glass and mangled plastic. Some stomping maniacally on just bare ground because all the bits were claimed by other boots. Some of them, crying with stinging rage.

These were not school-kids on rampage. All of them looked like adults, going by visual cues like height and armpit hair.

What’s going on?! Why the poor TV? What has it done? It had nothing to do with the consequence of the match. Maybe, if you really think about it, that TV does not even play cricket! Just swallow that anger for me for just a little bit, and I could convince you that it’s just a piece of equipment. And now it’s a piece of junk for reasons that are totally unknown to it!

Believe me, it was only beaming a signal that screened for you what was happening ten thousand kilometres away.

If your marriage fails, do you go about attacking symbols of marriage like a marriage hall, or the washing machine? If you flunk examinations, do you set your professor or the pencils on fire? And if you get fired from your job, do you sneak into office to crush the shredder with your bare hands?

No, you just feel sad, mope a bit and then move on. You know it’s not the end of the world. There are good things to look forward to – Dhoni meeting his new-born angel, Raina going to the tailor to get his wedding shervani stitched, Jadeja getting a shave, and Kohli getting a..…never-mind.

So, people, come on! Chin up and let me see you smile.

And, please leave that TV alone. You will get to see the good things I mentioned above on TV. Well, some of them.