She is spectacular. I read one page of her writing and wonder if she is even human. I scan her face — she kinda looks human. I try to look for tell-tale martian warts or high-tech implants behind her ears. It’s tough to peer behind those dachshund-ears cascade of hair. I persist. Nothing found.

She complains about cheating on her diet, she buys sarees greedily, she ferries her daughters to and fro classes.

Sigh, she’s just an ordinary woman, I conclude. With exceptional talent.

I am at the launch of her new book, ‘THE ORPHANAGE FOR WORDS’ at The Hyatt on 18th July. Ricky Kej, Grammy Award Winner reads from the book, which is a compilation of short stories. Goose-flesh stuff.

I decide to post this for the benefit of people who keep complaining about the decline of good Indian Writing in English. Go, wow yourselves!

Meanwhile, I shall continue to search for clues behind her ears!

Shinie and Ricky