It’s this time of the year again! You are buying Christmas gifts for family and friends. You want your gifts to be sweet, special. Not too expensive. But should look expensive. Unique. Thoughtful. Long-lasting. There are so many boxes to tick off before you decide to buy. While you are doing all of that, the store closes. So, you have to come back the next day. With new ideas and new boxes to check.

It could be rather frustrating.

So, to help you out, I have put together few gift-suggestions


  1. Boyfriend Body Pillow – For your lonely girlfriend. Also comes in pink for your lonely male friend, or the office accountant  (same thing).

body friend2. Pocket Cannon – You never know when it may come in handy. Especially for writers who are meeting their editors.

pocket cannon

3. Beard Beanie – Maybe you always wanted a beard but were not sure how to grow one. This product comes to your rescue.

beanie beard

4. Face Blanket – Now who doesn’t need a blanket to cover his face with — While driving, or at a restaurant, or when at the movies? Do remove while brushing teeth.

face blanket

5. Runny Nose Shower Dispenser – Very convenient for a snort shower. Leaves you smelling good!


6. Glow-in-the-dark toilet paper – In case of power outage, you wouldn’t want to use the toothbrush by mistake, right?


7. Fish head mask – I often meet people who tell me that they despise their heads. They often say, ‘Wish I had a fish head!’ Here is THE product for those who feel like that.

fish head8. Treadmill with workstation— For the woman who does not want to stop. It also comes with pedicure and manicure attachments.

treadmille9. Lawn-phone cover – Lush, green cover for your phone. Does not need regular mowing.

lawn10. WiFi detecting tee – Often it’s so difficult to check for WiFi in places you visit. Just wear this tee-shirt. It will tell you. It also forecasts weather.


Friends, I have carefully selected these items from Amazon for you. Hope you have a great time shopping! Happy Christmas!