Why was the Gorilla killed? Kill the parents instead.

What would you have done if it was your child?


Social media is inundated with debate on Harambe. Indeed, a very sad happening but one wonders if there is ever a right versus wrong in such a situation.

Well, the only silver lining is that this did not happen in India. I wonder how much more complicated the debate would have been.

Sonia Gandhi : This kind of unfortunate thing has never happened under the UPA government

Sambit Patra: Modi ji has sent Amit Shah to have a meal with the bereaved Gorillas

Twitterati : The Gorilla was doomed since Anushka Sharma visited him

Rahul Gandhi (on twitter):  Why people are tweeting so much about an amphibian?

Roadside Romeos: Gori-la, humko apni jawaani de de

Mulayam Singh Yadav: Don’t make that an issue. Ladkon se galti ho jaati hai

Rakhi Sawant: Oh Jejuz, iska ek hi solution hai – bachche paida hi nahin karo

Sajid Khan : Gorilla ki maa ki……pooja karni hai

Kejri : Paise khaye thhe usne ji — Hamare paas poora proof hai

Nirmal Baba : Jao dus gorillaon ko chhole-bhature khila do. Kripa wahin ruki hai

Mayawati: Harambe Ji ki hatya manuvaadiyon ne ki

Tharoor: The pulchritudinous beast being dragged into such raffish, burlesque debate is reproachable.

Lalu : Dhuuttt burbak