My new book which I reckon as my best work so far is ready for release. Now, the familiar question – how do I market it? I see some of these things happening on social media. And I have decided not to pick any from this list

1.Posting the celebrity-holding-my-book photo: I don’t know any celebrity, even any out-of-work movie star currently featuring on Dance India Dance. The only one I might have access to is Choodsandra’s local don, Chaaku Seena. But, he won’t know the front cover from the back cover and that could be a challenge.

2. Becoming my own ‘liker’ and ‘reviewer’ : Some reviews on book-sites make me suspicious. Seems the author himself has posted a glowing review under an assumed name. I don’t want to do it. Unless one of my multiple personalities takes over and does it for me.

3. Asking other authors to promote my work – It’s like a dentist asking a peer-dentists to market her. Won’t they just prefer plucking out all their teeth without anaesthesia instead? Besides, most authors have their own ‘Author Stack’ they create in their heads. They consider the ones above them in the stack as  ‘bad writers who got lucky’ and the ones below them as ‘bad writers trying to get lucky’. I don’t even figure in anyone’s stack. I am in the soil below it.

So, what should I do? I have learnt one thing during these five years as a writer – the book will market itself if it’s good. I know it from experience now.

Hence all I will do is hope that my friends don’t make excuses and just pick a copy the moment it is out. From a bookstore or Amazon/Flipkart. And, write an honest review when they are done.

I really hope they do.

If they like it, maybe recommend to their friends or pick multiple copies as birthday/baby shower/anniversary gifts.

Frankly, I am tired of friends saying –

Hey, I did not find it in <some> bookstore.

I am meaning to pick a copy. Will do soon.

Is it available on Amazon?

Give me a free copy.

What’s the name of the book, again?

I have hope: maybe the book will do well just because it’s good and my ‘friend-power’ will carry it on its wings!

BBB-front cover