Despite having sufficient resources to mete out a good scolding by themselves, mothers usually summon the father to do it. We are not sure when this practice gained eminence, but it is firmly entrenched in today’s home affairs.

And, it is killing the dads.


The situation at home today is – the errant kid has forgotten his revision handouts in the school locker. He has no way to prepare for the test. Mother has borrowed handout from diligent-neighbourhood-classmate.

The objective – The father has to scold the kid on two counts (1) Having forgotten the handout (2) For pretending that there is no test / no revision material, despite several inquiries.

The scolding has to be delivered in the presence of the mother who will be a fly on the wall. At least, till she can afford to.

Take 1

F : “Why have you not studied for the test?

K :  **confused**

F (holding up the borrowed handout): ‘Go revise. This is not acceptable.’

Time out has been called.

Father has been explained the problem at hand. Once again.

Take 2

F : “Why did you not tell us there is a test?’

K : **does customary head-hanging**

F : ‘I want you to revise this stuff before lunch. Do YOU UNDERSTAND? Go to your room now.’

Time out has been called again.

Father is coached again, this time in a low, menacing tone.

Take 3

F : ‘What is this?’ (holding up the handout)

K : Theme handout.

F : ‘So, what is your problem? Can’t you revise it?’

Mother has to intervene now (yelling at father) : ‘Are you doped or something? I have explained four times that this is a borrowed handout and he did not even tell me about the test.’

F : ***deer-in-headlight-look***

K : ***relieved-that-father-has-taken-his-place***

Both guys have been yelled at and thrown out of the room.