Every morning she would drive to the University, which was about two kilometres away after suitably draping her face as if she were willingly mummyfying herself. It was needed in Allahabad. The ozone was depleting and the Romeos were increasing. They would hang around at the tea shop near her house to review her attire.

‘Hallo, Rosy,’ on a day she wore a rose-printed shirt.

‘Hi dear, Heera Moti,’ when her kurta was embellished with glittering stones.

‘Qaidi number chaar sau bees,’ when she emerged in a black-and-white striped shirt.

On days when they could not come up with any observation related to her dress, they would summon a part of their own attire to assist in formulating a worthy salutation.

‘Good morning meri jaan, meri Lux Cozy baniyan.’

Binny, like any other girl in Manphodgunj, had learnt to walk past all this. ‘Ignore the dogs,’ was the precious advice parents raised their daughters with. But no parent told their son, ‘Don’t be a dog.’


Reviews on Amazon

“Laughed till I cried! This is such a fantastic book! I would recommend this to everyone who loves a good story and a good laugh.”

“Rachna’s brilliance in writing is emphasised by the fact that I started reading the book at 4:30 pm and put it down only at 8:30 pm once I read every word of the 207 pages bright from preface. A rare feat considering I don’t spend that much time at a stretch even on my Ipad.”

“OMG , what a funny punny book. I had to keep wiping off tears from my eyes as my laughters could not be restricted only to my lips/teeth /jaws/ cheekbones.”

“Rachna has the uncanny knack of making the mundane seem rib-tickling PHUNNY… even a cow doing its business in the middle of the road or eating paani-puri becomes exciting!”

Laughed and laughed and laughed till I cried….It was so refreshing and lively as if I am back to the streets of Allahabad!”

“Phod diya Mumforgunj ki Binny bitiya ne!! I have been in splits, repeating the funny hinglish lines in my head. You do justice to the local colours, flavours and essence of my hometown, Allahabad. You are truly the original Ms. Funnybones with so much of earthiness!”