About Me

Early Years: I was born Rachna Thakurdas to two very talented people, Ajit and Kamalini Thakurdas, in Allahabad. I studied at St Mary’s Convent and the University of Allahabad (Psychology). While I inherit my wicked humor from my dad, my love for writing comes from my mom!

Ajit and Kamalini
Ajit and Kamalini

Young Professional: I joined Tata Motors (then, Telco) at the Lucknow operations in 1994 in HR, working in the area of L&D Strategy development and design and deployment of learning and talent development solutions. Subsequently, Infosys in Bangalore, in 1997, in the same areas, and OD/OE, in addition.

Family : Married to Alok, alumni, IT-BHU(Meta, ’93), and IIM-Lucknow(’98). Realty entrepreneur (http://azvenrealty.com/team-azven.html). In addition, doting father to our two lovely kids, Aisha (Nikki) and Prithvi (Yuv). Not to mention the thousand other roles that makes our lives endlessly wonderful!

He's the best! With biwi, bachche and birds, too!
He’s the best! With biwi, bachche and birds, too!

Recent Professional Life: Japan happened in 2000, and, in addition to welcoming our gorgeous daughter, Nikki in our lives, I took time off work to upgrade my skills. I did a course in ‘Acculturation Skills’ at the Tokyo Academy of Communications. On return, worked with Idea Cellular (then, Spice Telecom) and then, with Dell. My stint at Dell was the longest, over 5 years.


Prithvi, our handsome brat arrived in 2006.

So, with two brats to manage, I needed an easier lifestyle and made a career shift to Consulting.

Have found my calling in OD, taking care of Org Design, Change Mgmt, Succession Plg, and macro-leadership development tools. In 2010, doing new things in the area of OD, Leadership Devt while taking out time to pursue my writing and spend time with my family.

Often Described As: Funny, Mad, Type A, Creative, Impatient, and Caring.

DROP ME A LINE AT: singhrachna@yahoo.com

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10 thoughts on “About Me

  1. hi,
    i’ve had the good fortune of being a student of your father n yes still remember him for his terrific humor sometimes at the expense of others !good to know his daughter too feels the same about him

  2. Hi Rachna,

    Many centuries ago during the rule of Krishna Deva Raya (Vijaynagar Empire) there lived a person by the name Tenali Rama. He was a minister and also a poet and great scholar who was known for his wicked humour.
    I’m feeling that Tenali Rama is born again after so many centuries in the name of Rachna.

    I will surely be reading your book.

    Binoy K

  3. I got some enquiries for your book at my website http://www.bookscaterer.com. I congratulate you on successful launch of your book. Kindly let me know as to where the same can be procured, to enable our customers get opportunity to avail the same.

    With regards,


  4. Dear Rachna. I just got your book Nuptial Knots which I ordered through Rediff and with some complications it got delivered to my relative address in India and I got him to courier to me in The Bahamas.First of all I must say that all efforts made me were really worth getting the book.I have finished half of it already and I have to say that you have done a remarkable job in your own admirable way in conveying as to what it takes to make a marriage (or a relationship) to be sucessful.I will gladly recommend it to anyone who is getting married(specially women) and I feel the audience you intended was mainly women and you have succeeded in conveying the message.However being a male I will not hesitate it to say it is also for husband (and or a fiancee) to make it work.May be a book of this sort could be written from male perspective.Why is that it is onl women who are to ensure to make it work?

    On another note I will like to know if you belong to the family I had known as a child growing up in Delhi in the area known as Timarpur where my elder siblings used to play with kids from a Thakurdas family.

    with best wishes and good luck for your next book.


  5. Dear Rachna , i love your writing.I have your book digs.dogs and drama. It makes me laugh everytime I read it. Its fantastic….keep writing

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